How To Expand Your Visibility To Accelerate Your Next-Level Promotion – WITHOUT Using Inauthentic Self-Promotion Tactics

(and EVEN IF you don’t feel 100% ready for your promotion yet!)



Discover The Untapped Potential Of Confident Communication

and Authentic Visibility

Our Communication & Visibility Intensive is a transformative experience meticulously designed to empower leaders like you. With a strategic blend of expert coaching, interactive workshops, and insightful discussions, you will learn to build a compelling personal brand, communicate with assertiveness, and rise above the noise to command the influence you deserve.

It’s time to stop working yourself to the ground and saying “yes” to everything – Learn the EXACT strategies to getting recognised and paid for your unique strengths (and never get overlooked for a promotion!)CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

In This Training You Will Learn

  • The proven 4-step process that helps my clients get recognised and rewarded for the value they bring WITHOUT having to pull 12-hour days, answer emails at 11pm, etc etc (Trust me, you’ve already proved yourself). (I’ve never shared the details of these steps outside client sessions until now)

  • The 3 common beliefs that will keep you hiding, undervalued, and overworked, & how to shift them so that you can fast-track your next-level promotion (and have time to enjoy more time with your loved ones, or finally read for fun).

  • How to build authentic relationships with high level peers and sponsors who champion you, trust you, and open doors for you.

  • How to communicate your value with confidence so that you can be seen as a no-brainer option for your next-level role.

  • My #1 Hack to confident and authentic visibility & how you can instantly apply it to start being seen and heard (EVEN IF you don’t feel 100% ready for your promotion yet!)

“I have a new C-level job and I’m happier at home too”

I had a very a difficult period in my career, feeling stuck and invisible. Even though I had some key relationships at work, I was unable to climb the ladder and lost my confidence. Ros helped me rediscover who I am, she helped me see how my strengths were the super power that would take me where I wanted to be. I trusted Ros’ process and my life changed. I have a new C-level job and Im happier at home too.

The Hard Truth Is That Keeping Your Head Down, Doing Great Work, And Hoping To Be Noticed Is Not Enough! You Need To Stop Being Scared Of Becoming Visible…The Visibility Roadmap Will Help You With That.


Rosalie is an international executive coach and senior leadership consultant specialising in developing leaders. She designed a sought-after framework to help leaders build their personal brand and executive presence to help leaders build a genuine reputation inside and outside their firm. She is known for working with CEOs as well as public figures worldwide. She speaks four languages fluently: French, Spanish, English and Haitian Creole. With a strong background in marketing and brand strategy, Rosalie applies psychological and behavioural profiling to drive performance and engagement across organisations. Rosalie has an MA from City University in London and is a qualified Executive coach with a certification form the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). She sits on several boards and coaches on three executive leadership programmes at the London School of Economics. She has worked with leaders at Gallagher, Sony, Santander, Harper Collins, and Unicef amongst others.

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