Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Elevate Your Executive Presence & Influence in Just One Day - Exclusively for Professional Women

(EVEN IF You Think You Don't Have the Time)



Discover The Untapped Potential Of Confident Communication

and Authentic Visibility

Our Communication & Visibility Intensive is a transformative experience meticulously designed to empower leaders like you. With a strategic blend of expert coaching, interactive workshops, and insightful discussions, you will learn to build a compelling personal brand, communicate with assertiveness, and rise above the noise to command the influence you deserve.

Are you a professional woman striving to refine and elevate your executive presence? Do you wish to enhance your ability to influence and lead within your organisation or industry effectively?

If you know that NOW is the time to elevate your visibility and you've felt held back by time constraints or doubted your capacity to step up as a leader, our VIP Day is designed for you.

Picture This: What If You Could…

  • Walk into any room and immediately command respect, not just for your title, but for the palpable leadership aura you exude?

  • Effortlessly navigate and sync the demands of upper management with the expectations of your team, creating a harmonious and productive work environment?

  • Proactively address difficult conversations with confidence, leading to timely resolutions and positive outcomes?

  • Feel in control, composed, and confident every day, making decisions with clarity and leading your team to success?

Imagine achieving all of this and more, in just one day. That's the power of our VIP Day experience.

Why Executive Presence & Influence Mastery VIP DAY?

In the fast-paced business world, the ability to command respect, communicate with clarity, and influence outcomes is invaluable. Yet, many talented women in leadership positions struggle to make their mark, not for lack of skill, but because they haven't had the focused time to refine their executive presence and influence strategies.

Our VIP Day is Your Opportunity To:

  • Sharpen Your Executive Presence: Cultivate an aura of authority and competence that commands respect in any room you enter.

  • Enhance Your Influence: Learn the subtle art of influence to effectively guide decisions and outcomes in your favour.

  • Overcome Time Constraints: Achieve what normally takes months of coaching in just one highly focused, transformative day.

What to Expect

Your VIP Day is a bespoke, immersive experience tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Here’s a snapshot of what your day could look like:

  • Morning Session:

    Dive deep into the pillars of executive presence. Interactive workshops will help you understand the power of body language, vocal modulation, and personal branding in enhancing your leadership aura.

  • Midday Mastermind:

    A facilitated session focusing on real-world influence strategies. Learn from peer discussions and direct coaching on how to navigate complex organizational dynamics.

  • Afternoon Application:

    Engage in role-playing and scenario planning exercises designed to put your new skills into immediate practice. Get instant feedback and actionable insights.

  • Personal Action Planning:

    End the day by crafting a personalized, actionable plan to continue your leadership development journey, ensuring lasting impact beyond the VIP Day.

Who Should Attend

This VIP Day is perfect for ambitious professional women who are:

  • Middle to senior-level managers looking to step into leadership roles.

  • Executives aiming to refine their leadership style and increase their influence and visibility.

  • Professionals in transition, seeking to redefine their executive presence in new roles or industries.

  • Business owners, seeking to position themselves and their brand for authority in the marketplace, and land interviews, publication and speaking opportunities.

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“I have a new C-level job and I’m happier at home too”

I had a very a difficult period in my career, feeling stuck and invisible. Even though I had some key relationships at work, I was unable to climb the ladder and lost my confidence. Ros helped me rediscover who I am, she helped me see how my strengths were the super power that would take me where I wanted to be. I trusted Ros’ process and my life changed. I have a new C-level job and Im happier at home too.


Rosalie is an international executive coach and senior leadership consultant specialising in developing leaders. She designed a sought-after framework to help leaders build their personal brand and executive presence to help leaders build a genuine reputation inside and outside their firm. She is known for working with CEOs as well as public figures worldwide. She speaks four languages fluently: French, Spanish, English and Haitian Creole. With a strong background in marketing and brand strategy, Rosalie applies psychological and behavioural profiling to drive performance and engagement across organisations. Rosalie has an MA from City University in London and is a qualified Executive coach with a certification form the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). She sits on several boards and coaches on three executive leadership programmes at the London School of Economics. She has worked with leaders at Gallagher, Sony, Santander, Harper Collins, and Unicef amongst others.

The Investment Into Your Future


To make this transformative experience accessible, we offer two flexible payment options:

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What You Will Get from Your VIP Day:

  • Full-Day Immersive Experience: A concentrated day of learning and personal development focused on elevating your executive presence and influence.

  • Personalised Coaching: One-on-one coaching tailored to your specific leadership challenges and goals.

  • Strategic Leadership Tools: Practical tools and strategies to enhance your decision-making, communication, and influence.

  • Custom Action Plan: A bespoke plan developed during the day to guide your ongoing leadership journey.

  • Exclusive Resource Materials: Hand-picked materials to support your learning and application of new skills.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a select group of professional women facing similar challenges and aspirations.

Benefits You Will Experience:

  • Elevated Executive Presence: Command respect and authority in any professional setting.

  • Enhanced Influence: Navigate and sync upper management demands with team expectations more effectively.

  • Improved Communication Skills: Master the art of impactful communication, ensuring your message is always clear and persuasive

  • Increased Confidence: Tackle leadership challenges with newfound confidence and strategic insight.

  • Strategic Career Advancement: Equip yourself with the skills and tools needed for the next step in your professional journey.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Engage in a transformative experience that fosters both personal development and professional excellence.

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